Construction and projection activities in the company are carried out by a team of technicians and engineers, starting from product development and design solution which is later realized as a ready product by the production center. For investment activities, the documentation is processed all the way from initial study until project documentation, which will be realized and put into operation by the assembly center. The company’s design and projection center is equipped with high-tech IT equipment - modern PC‘s and software equipment.

Step TRUTNOV a.s. company has been implementing innovation projects from its very start and it has been the first company to build a central municipal boiler room burning biomass in the Czech Republic, in Děšná, Jindřichův Hradec district. This boiler room, first of its kind, consisted partly of purchased technological components. Later, nevertheless, these were designed and made in the company. Among their current innovated projects, Step Trutnov company offers some of the original hydrothermal boilers: the hot water and steam boilers for very high pressures to be used with turbines to make electricity.