About the company

Basic information

Step TRUTNOV a.s. was established in 1990 and in following years was transformed in a stock corporation. Organizational structures of the company cover high flexibility in services and production.

The company has its own production backgrounds, administrative and manufacturing premises. The company's leading activity is production and deliveries of high-tech technologies in power industry and heat technology. Company products, both typical (catalogued) and atypical (custom), find their application in power industry, chemical industry, housing construction and other branches. The company lays a great emphasis on development and construction of its own products such as industry biomass boilers, pressure vessels, tanks, exchangers, heaters, containers and many other products in the said field. Industry biomass boilers converting waste biomass into thermal and electric energy will continue to be strategically dominant products. Production and delivery of biomass boiler rooms is of great importance in this branch of heating and power industry, especially because of emission savings (namely CO2) with a positive impact on the Earth's greenhouse effect.


Strategic aim of Step TRUTNOV stock company for the future is to further intensify efficient usage of all competitive advantages of innovation potential in products as well as in deliveries in order to reach the standard of a prosperous European company with sustained growth of market value. The company will be active in the areas of machinery, power industry and heating, and successfully expand abroad. In addition, production and delivery projects for pressure vessels of all kinds will be developed, with the main priority laid on continued development and production of biomass boilers leading to fossil fuel CO2 savings on Earth by way of increasing the proportion of sustainable resources.