We has built a biomass-fired power plant, the first of its kind in Europe

Step TRUTNOV has built a biomass-fired power plant, the first of its kind in Europe A 100% Czech company operating in the local market for over 20 years, Step TRUTNOV has gathered a lot of experience during this period, becoming a leading manufacturer of biomass-fired boilers in the Czech Republic. The unique patented design of the Company enables burning whole bales of straw without pre-separation, which represents a significant competitive advantage over other manufacturers who must spend a large portion of electricity for crushing a straw bale before it is moved into the combustion chamber, i.e. combusted. Another advantage that this device represents are saved heating costs, which can move up to 5 times below those of gas. The Company alone has a boiler installed at its premises and compared with the original use of gas, when it paid 536 CZK per GJ, it moved to a mere of 78 CZK per GJ with the use of a boiler for burning whole bales of straw/hay. Now Step TRUTNOV placed into permanent operation the first biomass-fired power plant, which is the first of its kind in Europe. The plant was built for Zemcheba s.r.o., Chelčice, which is a Czech producer of jams, fruit juices, dried fruit and dog food. "We were able to develop a unique technology, producing both thermal and electrical energy that saves costs to our customer, enabling them to be completely independent of external suppliers," says Step Trutnov's Chairman Libor Pavlíček. This way the whole plant produces 8.4 MW of heat and 1.3 MW of electrical energy . This technology produces 16 tonnes of steam per hour, in a continuous 24- hour operation . "We hope to be able to repeat this project several times, since the equipment presents both cost saving and eco-friendly approach to the environment, which is the main philosophy of Step TRUTNOV, " said Libor Pavlíček.